Creative Pursuit


Elijvh Juice | The Syde Project (Official Dance Video)


Ayaka Kato — Navigating through the western industry
James Mudrak —Bringing change through a unified collective
Kid Codeine —The means to live, No matter what


Justin Enriquez — Capturing the decisive moment
Elvin Diego — Mastering the art of Architectural Photography
Sharvari Tavkar — Taking portraits through film


Elijvh — Juice | The Syde Project (Official Dance Video)
Elijvh — Set me Free | PRSPCTV Music Video
PRSPCTV Promo Film

About Us

The People PRSPCTV is a multi-dimensional media platform that caters to the local street culture and its Creatives. We push for a collaborative movement where artists can showcase their talent through networking and building community projects.

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