Kid Codeine

The Means to Live, No Matter What

Cody Martinez is a rapper based in Denver, Co. Ever since he was a child, he’s been surrounded by music  — specifically Hip hop — “The moment I knew rapping was for me was when I was 14; I’ve always had a passion for music.” Martinez said, “As a kid, I was that one kid who would sing every song that came on and knew by heart.” As he grew older, Martinez’s career went on into new heights, creating the stage name Kid Codeine (derived from his nickname Code and his real name Cody).

On set for Kid Codeine’s music video, “Shorty’s Mota” ft. Rora and Directed by Kevin Eilenberg (KGE).

Heavily influenced by Mac Miller, Logic, and Rittz, Kid Codeine raps about his personal experiences as he aims to spread the message “to live your dreams, no matter what.” In his music making process, Kid Codeine is able to come up with a variety of tracks, stating that depending on his mood, he can make a “vibey track at night, or a turnt up [track] during the day.” More so, the majority of Kid Codeine’s music starts off as a freestyle. “Personally, I do not write my music, I am a freestyle artist, I close my eyes go off the top of my head” he said.

What’s Next to Come

Kid Codeine’s music wouldn’t have come to life without his best friend and producer, Michael “Psychedelix” Williams. “We built our studio together and have been growing together ever since we met.” Codeine explained. Through a business partnership with his peer, the two created a brand called CodęliX.

Just recently, Kid Codeine dropped his newest album Self Reliance, a collaborative effort with Psychedelix. The album tackles Cody’s personal experiences and his views of reality.

Photo courtesy of Seji Gaerlan

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